Friday, October 31, 2008

Frighteningly Good Time

Spiderman and Lil' Vampire had a spooky good Halloween night. They were too cute trick-or-treating. Connor rocked the lil' vampire costume just like Dylan did when he wore it, I was even able to get the same shoes for Connor that I had for Dylan. :) Then we hit this big Halloween carnival near us. Dylan's faves were the bumper cars and this huge bounce house/slide that he was able to go on about 5 times. On the way home, we decided to get some treats (as if we didn't have enough). I needed my hot chocolate with a shot of pumpkin spice, from Starbucks of course. Dave needed a Slurpee. And last, we went to our fave candy store - Powell's Sweet Shoppe. Dylan and Connor trick-or-treated in their party room with candy they had set up in there for Halloween. The owners were dressed up as Willy Wonka and a Oompa Loompa. They took pictures of the boys for their costume contest. We didn't know they would have all that goin' on when we went there so it was a fun bonus for our Halloween night. We hope everyone had a frighteningly good time on Halloween this year...

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