Saturday, November 8, 2008

Date w/ Dylio

I could tell all week that Dylan needed some one-on-one time so he and I went out on a date tonight. Dylan wanted to eat at In 'N Out for dinner. On the way there, we danced in the car to some beats. :) Dylan was so flippin' cute eating his burger I couldn't resist taking a pic of him. After dinner, he wanted to go to the playground at the mall. We also explored the mall for other fun things to do. We rode the escalator and the elevator, threw pennies in the indoor fountains, Dylan jumped around on the laser floor game (not sure what it's called) and we hit the pet store to see all the dogs. But the best was when Dylan got an unexpected sneak peek of Santa!!! A little surprised the big guy was already there, but the benefit was that Dylan got an exclusive moment with Santa when he was able to wave hello to him because there was no one in line. Dylan thought the mechanical bear by Santa was pretty cool, too. :)

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