Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let's Go Play!!!

Since it was the weekend before Thanksgiving and Dave wasn't busy with work (yay!), we decided to go play at D-land on Friday! The first ride we HAD to go on was the new 4-D "Toy Story Mania!" ride at California Adventure Park. The boys were funny with their 3-D glasses and the ride was a blast! :) The boys also ventured into "A Bug's Land", they both loved the water area and Dylan got soaked in another water game, he was lovin' every minute. :) We also caught the Pixar Parade on our way over to Disneyland, Dylan loves seeing Lightning McQueen and Connor was too cute trying to catch the bubbles from the parade. :) The other ride we HAD to go on was "It's a Small World". It's been closed since we got our passes and it just reopened. I was particularly excited about going on it since I loved this ride when I was a kid. It was really neat to go on it now with my own kids, and watch my boys look around at everything in awe just like I did as a child. Because tonight was the first night with all of the Christmas decorations up at Disneyland, "It's a Small World" was extra special because it was all lit up with lights.

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