Thursday, June 26, 2008

Glimpses of Joy...

Today was a long, exhausting day, but amidst the challenges, I enjoyed glimpses of joy from my boys...

I started the day by taking Connor to his pediatrician for 2 reasons. First, he broke out in red spots all over his body yesterday, and has had a fever and been out of sorts at times the last few days. Turns out he has roseola. It is viral and will go away in 3-4 days. The secondary reason is so his doctor could see the rash that Connor has had for the past 4 1/2 weeks. Long story short...after a 3-week period of visits to the pediatrician's office trying to figure out what his rash was caused from, I took him to my dermatologist. He thinks there is a strong possibility he got a rare children's skin disease called 'Assymetric Periflexural Exanthem of Childhood'. The main reason he thinks this is because Connor's rash is only on one side of his body and fits many of the other symptoms I had explained. I went online and looked up info about it, the outlines I've read match pretty well. Thankfully, he has not been bothered by the actual rash (more bothered by the fevers he has had off and on related to it); and for the few hundred children that have gotten it, it hasn't been reoccuring and it doesn't leave any marks behind. For the most part, Connor has been the little 'Rascals' that we know and love, but at times has been off of course. He is a little stud, though, and has really endured it well. His rash continues to cover less area and we are hoping it is in the last stage - it goes through four stages. SO, that was the second reason I took him to his pediatrician this morning.

Then...I hurried home and cleared off our kitchen countertops because a few minutes later a crew was arriving to refinish them. The fumes created from this process are strong and so we needed to be out of our place until the evening when our place has had a chance to air out. We kicked off our outing by having lunch at one of our fave places - 'El Pollo Loco'. Dylan LOVES their popcorn chicken. Then, per Dylan's request, we stopped by the bookstore. Dylan was drawn to another 'WALL E' book, this one has buttons that make sounds. Connor enjoyed grabbing books from anywhere he could, and ended our time there by playing with some baskets they had on the floor for patrons - reference the pictures, they tell it all. :)

I then decided to take them down to Dana Point Harbor to get some ice cream and check out the boats along the harbor. Some sprinklers had created small puddles along the walkway in the area we were enjoying our ice cream. Dylan had SO much fun jumping in the puddles and Connor had fun watching him, he kept laughing really hard as Dylan made his huge leaps. Connor wanting to be like his big bro (of course) went over and quickly walked along the puddles attempting to mimic Dylan. It was really, really cute. I absolutely LOVE these moments between the little bros...

Dylan instructing Connor on how to correctly jump on the puddles. "Like this, Connor, like this." :)

I had a few minutes (while me and the boys were waiting to meet up with Dave for dinner) to explore an amazing neighborhood that I stumbled upon while driving around near the harbor. How fabulous would this view be from your front yard?! can dream. :)

On Tuesday, I met up with one of my visiting teachers for our visit at a great fountain for kids at an all-inclusive shopping plaza near us called TownCenter; it includes a movie theater, restaurants, shops, services, etc. Dylan wanted to throw 5 pennies into the fountain, yes, 5 exactly. :) Both Dylan and Connor enjoyed walking around the fountain and on a big grassy knoll near the fountain. We then strolled over to Golden Spoon for some yummy frozen yogurt, perfect for a hot summer day. Dylan requested chocolate yogurt with mini M&M's. :)

Dylan, the little photog, took this candid pic of me and Connor. :)


  1. So super sweet. I can't imagine what life would be like without my two little guys to make it so full. Looks like a fabulous day! I hope all continues to go well with Connor, keep us posted.

  2. Thanks, Jenn! Great to have the support of family and friends. :)

  3. P.S. I'm likin' the new blog, Jenn! I just skimmed it and look forward to really checkin' it all out soon! :)