Friday, June 27, 2008

What do you mean 48 hours?!

We were not informed beforehand that when they refinished our kitchen counters that we would not be able to USE them afterwards for 48 hours. A notice was left explaining this after the work was done. So today...still no functioning kitchen. And we had scheduled a carpet cleaning for today as well (it seemed like a good idea at the time to set this all up back-to-back). However, it gave us a great excuse to eat out for breakfast this morning! We've been meaning to try this place not far from us that we've heard good things about - The Original Pancake House. It lived up to the hype and we really liked it. Having said that, though, our fave local breakfast joint is still the 'Harbor House Cafe' in Dana Point. The food is really good, but what really edged it out is the local flavor and history of the place. They've been in business since 1939. The ambience is amazing with antiques and memorabilia all over the walls. It is located right on PCH and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

Later in the day - right before dinnertime - I ran out to run a quick errand and when I came back, I walked in to find Dave and Dylan playing a mean game of SORRY. I have to digress here for a moment and mention that SORRY is my absolute favorite game from childhood. If I'm remembering right, I went out and purchased our SORRY game when I was pregnant with Dylan because I looked forward so much to playing with my own kids. I know, I know. Just a smidgin early in buying it when my first kid is still in the womb, but that is how much I love the game. I've begun teaching Dylan how to play recently and he's picking it up pretty quickly. He asks to play all the time and I couldn't be more excited. So it was the best to walk into this scene earlier tonight...

Dylan was SO excited he won, he's already a champ like his mom. :)

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