Saturday, August 23, 2008

Before and After

We gave Connor his 1st haircut today...he's 15 months old and his little hairs had finally gotten long enough that we deemed them "unruly". :) The sides were curling out and the neck had gotten shaggy, so Dave cleaned up the sides and the back with the trimmer. Of course he cried, but it didn't take long so we don't think there will be any long-term effects. :)

BEFORE 1 (has no idea what's coming)

BEFORE 2 (now senses something)(Because the way Connor's hair is curling out on the sides in this pic, it reminds me of the following scene in the movie "The Wedding Singer": "Do you like 'Flock of Seagulls'? No, but I can see you do". Couldn't help sharing that.) :)

DURING (what the ...?!)

AFTER (ahhh...fresh 'do for the ladies)

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