Friday, August 29, 2008


For Date Nite tonight, me and Dave decided to be spontaneous. We ended up at the Ruby's Diner on PCH in Laguna Beach. It was an absolutely beautiful night so we opted for rooftop dining. We enjoyed the ambience, especially as we had the roof to ourselves part of the time. After dinner, in keeping with the 'spontaneous' theme, we decided to drive up through the amazing neighborhoods of Laguna in search of a good overlook spot. We felt like silly teenagers again (a nice change from the usual stressed-out drones we feel we've become as of late). :) After many adventurous twists and turns, we finally found a sweet spot and reveled in our romantical alone time...


  1. I love it! You guys are so cute!

  2. Thanks, Kimmy! We had a lot of fun making it up as we went. Always good to get out with the hubby! :)