Thursday, July 17, 2008

31st Birthday Weekend...

When I began thinking about what I wanted to do for my 31st Birthday Weekend, I came up with a few things that included some much-needed R&R, a romantic night out with my hubby and celebrations with the boys. Dave really came through and made everything happen...O.K., I'll admit it. I wrote him a list. But hey, it worked and he even threw in some surprises along the way so he must be given credit. Thanks for everything, hon! I had a fabulous weekend with both the relaxation and good times I was hoping for...

One of Dave's clients owns a handful of spas in the area; he gave me a gift certificate for a facial there for Mother's Day (last year!), so I began my birthday by redeeming my gift certificate (finally! what is my problem?!). Ahhh, much-needed relaxation...check! Then when I came home and walked in the door, Dave and Dylan completely surprised me by having decorated our place with lavendar streamers and balloons (to match the lavendar roses Dave gave me), and then Dylan said in his cutest little voice, "Happy Birthday, Mom!" I completely melted.

Then after a nap (are you kidding me?! a nap? really?), we were off to The Irvine Spectrum for dinner and some fun. We ate at an amazing Mexican restaurant we love called "Javier's". Even though this restaurant isn't kid-friendly, it was still enjoyable. We opted for an outdoor table which worked out great, and the ambience on their patio was just as chill as the inside...

We walked around the Spectrum afterwards in search of the best place to get dessert. Along the way, the boys had fun checkin' out any number of fountains they have there, we hit some stores, me and Dylan rode the carousel, we hung out by the huge ferris wheel and found an awesome cupcake shop where I got a Peanut Butter "Birthday" cupcake. We had a blast!!!

I told Dylan to do a funny pose and this is what he came up with...must be Dave's influence. :)

Connor was trying to hop into the fountain for a little swim. :)
Me & Dylio riding the carousel...up high, man!

Dylan chose a Tootsie Pop at the awesome candy store.
I love Connor's little hand reaching up. :)

Connor excited he scammed a PEZ candy off of the shelf. :)

Me and My Boys...

Super Yummy Birthday Cupcake!!!

Connor so cute with his nose pressed up
against the bar to watch the carousel. :)

The boys amped up on the way home!

One of my little surprises...too insanely good!!!

Once we got home, I opened my cards and gifts. Also, Dave returned the favor from Father's Day and had the boys draw pictures to give me. Then the boys started playing with the balloons and in the process we made Connor's funny little hairs stick up all over!
It was so much fun to celebrate together as a family...a great way to kick off the birthday weekend!

On Friday, I was able to get an appt into my fabulous hair stylist and friend. So with my hair freshened up, I was ready for my romantic date with Dave that night. He made a reservation at an Italian restaurant in Dana Point called "Luciana's" right on PCH. It lived up to the recommendations we were given. The food was incredible, the service impeccable and the romantic ambience perfect. Way overdue romantic alone time with the hubby...check!

After dinner, we drove up PCH to downtown Laguna Beach where I could not wait to go to a place called "Tutto Amore". It serves daily-made, fresh Italian gelato and sorbetto ice cream dessert from a recipe direct from Italy. After stumbling upon rave reviews for the place online, I suggested we go there for dessert. This was my first time eating gelato...and I am hooked!!! I had the Strawberry gelato and Dave tried Chocolate Chip.

On Saturday, we started the day by eating at our favorite breakfast spot, "Harbor House Cafe" in Dana Point. We were all super hungry by the time we got Dylan's and Connor's expressions give it away? :)

Then we headed down to the harbor. We noticed some "pirate" ships so we decided to check 'em out. The boys were lovin' it. They were docked right next to the Ocean Institute (a mini-Monterey Bay Aquarium), I picked up a brochure since I want to take the boys there at some point. The boys thought the pirate ships were really cool. It reminded us of the ships they parade for the annual 'Tall Ships Festival' every September.

Rounding off the birthday weekend celebrations, I decided we would take the boys to that amazing gelato shop in downtown Laguna Beach called "Tutto Amore" that me and Dave tried the night before. The boys loved it! You can't tell from the pic, but Connor was lovin' my Raspberry gelato, he seriously could've eaten a cup by himself. Dave tried Biscotti and Dylan had his very own Chocolate cone. Here's to our new favorite place...

While driving through and walking around Laguna, Dylan kept excitedly pointing out the trolley cars. On the drive home we had all the windows down and the boys were being silly like usual (o.k., me too). The best shot I got of Connor's funny little hairs in the wind was just as he tried to eat his sandal! :)

Celebrations with the boys...check!!!


  1. What a great Birthday Jo!! I can't believe you are 31 years old! What does that make me? Not going there!! Glad you all had a wonderful day and you and Dave had a nice romantic date, too!! Love you!!

  2. SO cool you had a great birthyday! You so deserve it. Love you.

  3. Thanks, Mom! We all had a blast, the boys are too funny. :)

  4. Thanks, Kimmy. That means a lot. :)