Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dave had a visit this evening so it was just me and the boys. Let's just say there were some shenanigans to be had! Dinnertime was good, Dylan and Connor very much enjoyed their meal of Trader Joe's Shells and Cheddar with a side of peas. Connor loves peas now, it's so cute to watch him pick up the individual peas (or any food for that matter) with his cute little fingers.

And then...the shenanigans began! I turned on some music and we all danced. Dylan did an awesome bum shake in his underwear (when isn't he just in his underwear?). I sat Connor on my hip, held his hand out and we "slow danced" around. I spun him around a few times which he loved! :)

Naturally, what should be next on the agenda?... Pillowfight!!!!!!!!!!!...which eventually just turned into the boys faceplanting themselves onto the pillows, jumping around, etc. I couldn't help laughing when Connor kept shoving his foot in Dylan's face. As a parent, it's your responsibility to NOT laugh when your kids do these things and take the appropriate action, but sometimes we just can't help laughing at the boys pulling classic sibling on sibling moves like this, especially when it's Connor harassing Dylan.

"Hey guys, check out my bellybutton!"

Of course the boys had to run around with their trucks, and crash them even though we continuously ask them not to.

And lastly, usually Dave gives the boys their bath (I've been having back and neck problems this past year), but he was going to be home any minute so I just got them started. I was wetting Connor's hair down then giving him little spikies all over, and Dylan decided to copy me. At first Connor didn't mind and then he's like, "Hey, get off me." :)
The evening ended with more shenan's (what else?) and silly faces...


  1. This is HILARIOUS! Your boys are so dang cute! I love boys--I love the wild rumpus and ruckus that is boys.

  2. I love being a boy mom! I think if we ever have a girl I seriously won't know what to do with her.

  3. HAHA I love Connor's face! They rock.