Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun Highlights

For the past week, me and the boys have taken turns being sick.
Despite all this and true to form, the little bros never disappoint.
The following are some recent cute and funny moments...

Connor lookin' fly in some 3-D shades!
These are actually from when me and Dave saw U2 3D
at an IMAX Theater, it was an insanely amazing experience. :)

Connor discovered the "magic" of turning the light switch on and off.

I could hear the boys crackin' up and went to see what they were up to.
Dylan was repeatedly throwing Mickey super hard up in the air.
Connor thought it was the funniest thing ever! :)

If you can believe it, this shot wasn't set up at all.
Connor already had Dylan's hat on just like that.
Dylan had been playing with his baseball. And then
they decided to hop into the bin at the same time. :)
(Doesn't Connor's shirt look yummy with all that drool?)

I hadn't heard the boys for a bit so I went to check on them.
This is the scene I walked into. Both of them contently
sitting on a blanket very nicely laid out on the floor.
Dylan informed me they were having a picnic,
with decorative rocks being their "food". :)

Connor was having fun using his 'dome' (that's what we call his head) to
make himself fall backwards...and Splat! :)

"Where's Connor?...There you are!"

Connor happily jumping on Dylan whose "hiding" underneath the blanket. :)

Dylan enjoys randomly moving our coffee table now. We'll walk in
and it's on the other side of the room, or maybe just a couple
of feet off to the side. Whatever he fancies at the time.
I love how neatly he stacked our throw pillows. :)

And last, but not least. I stumbled upon this scene the other day on our couch. Mickey was sportin' Dylan's hat while laying on one throw pillow with another pillow over him and the other pillows lined up in a nice row below. When I asked Dylan what Mickey was doing, he said "Mickey is sick. His throat hurts and he needs some rest." And there you have it. Thankfully we're all feeling better and ready to spend some serious time outdoors!!!

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